Upright “Take 1”

First and foremost, thanks to my brothers from another for their support and encouragement. Jeff Hoffman, Cyrus Pace, Ben Mars, and especially a big huge thanks to Blyss. If there is one man that would knock the procrastination out of ya..its that guy!

So today, i decided to stop reading and finally pick up the Upright and play it. I dont have the tone i would like, but im working on it. Technique is EVERYTHING. I finally see that there is NO SHORTCUTS. With electric bass…piece of cake(atleast i thought it was). Upright…its like starting over, not knowing whats going on. But thats the joy of it..starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. I had thought over a million times to take it back to the music store and getting my money back. What kinda musician i would be if i had done that? Coward! Great works, come great respect. I have a new found respect for Upright bassist across the globe!

Check out the vid below, lots of mistakes. Charge it to my mind, not my heart…i’ll post more soon

Quote of the day:

“Wanna succeed? Never get boxed in.. Be you! Don’t jus think outside the box GET RID of the damn box”

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