Gone Country…

Im trying to learn these country tunes for a gig i have Nov 5th for Keith Bryant & Iron Horse. Since im mainly an RnB/Hip Hop/Soul/Rock/Ska guy…country is killin me for some reason. 
This particular tune is very funky..i like it. Whomever the bassist is, is a bad motha shut my mouf! He has a solo towards the end that i know i messed up. But its all good. Hopefully by next week i’ll have it down packed and ready.

2 thoughts on “Gone Country…

  1. find i have similar problems with what be logically simple punk tunes (Ramones, Iggy,etc) but have a tough time finding that groove. I’m a prog / jazz / tech.metal chap for the most and have an easier time picking up and locking into more complex stuff. Guess it’s how and what we learned from the start

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