Plastic Musik Tour


I know it’s been a while since my last blog, but a brotha has been crazy busy. Sleep deprived, over worked…honestly, I love it!!! My life couldn’t be any better than it is, well it probably could be. My Mother is healthy and smiling, at this point…that’s all that matters!

Now, Plastic Musik. O My Stars!! I can’t believe how awesome this whole experience has been! All the late nights of practice has been worth every minute. The 20hr drive from VA to TX was pleasant! All the guys listen to the same music I do…Gavin DeGraw, Katy Perry(yes Katy Perry, if you ain’t on her right now…you missin out!!), Justin Timberlake…etc!
We are currently setup and sound checked at Corsicana High School. We have double shows Tues, Wed.. 9am and 1pm. Load out Wednesday evening, leave early Thursday to setup, sound check, and rehearse at The Palace Theater. Play there Thursday evening, load out afterwards. Leave early Friday headed to Killeen, TX and play a show there as well! Busy busy busy busy!!
Stay tuned…
Plastic Musik Website

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