Key West, FL w/ Key West Band



I must say that this band has taken to me to so many places around the Nation that i thought i’d never get to travel in my whole 26 years of existence. Being the youngest out of 5 guys and still feeling like i need to catch up has been an experience in itself.
We performed in Key West Florida recently for the Jimmy Buffets “Meeting Of The Minds” festival. So much was going on that i can hardly remember, but it was definitely worth every minute! Being able to buy alcohol absolutely anywhere and everywhere, to being able to wander around the streets openly with it was definitely “Paradise on the Island”. We ate at the famous Pizza joint “Mr. Z’s” religiously…why? “Can i get a Calzone, and 2 Miller Lites to go please?!” Amazing to say the least. Here are a couple videos that i had taken while down there…

Im thankful for all of my opportunities and cant wait to see what the Universe has in store for me. I hope to return to Key West solo and be able to unintentionally sleep outside again, ha!


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