Online Recording


I have finally setup my home recording studio…

For collaborations, Email or Dropbox:


Logic Pro 9

Plastic Musik Tour pt. dos


This tour has been a blessing! More than these guys will ever know! It was definitely a learning experience, musically, mentally, and physically. Learning the material while performing was probably the best way to get thrown to the wolves & coming out without a scratch! How is this possible? Performing with stellar musicians that make it easy for you!
The physical side of the tour, is from the food! Authentic Hispanic eatery was the best! Fresh cilantro and onions on anything will have you wanting to slap somebody!! Or something…whichever you choose, ha!
Now I’m behind the wheel…9 hr drive
Gotta go!

Plastic Musik Tour


I know it’s been a while since my last blog, but a brotha has been crazy busy. Sleep deprived, over worked…honestly, I love it!!! My life couldn’t be any better than it is, well it probably could be. My Mother is healthy and smiling, at this point…that’s all that matters!

Now, Plastic Musik. O My Stars!! I can’t believe how awesome this whole experience has been! All the late nights of practice has been worth every minute. The 20hr drive from VA to TX was pleasant! All the guys listen to the same music I do…Gavin DeGraw, Katy Perry(yes Katy Perry, if you ain’t on her right now…you missin out!!), Justin Timberlake…etc!
We are currently setup and sound checked at Corsicana High School. We have double shows Tues, Wed.. 9am and 1pm. Load out Wednesday evening, leave early Thursday to setup, sound check, and rehearse at The Palace Theater. Play there Thursday evening, load out afterwards. Leave early Friday headed to Killeen, TX and play a show there as well! Busy busy busy busy!!
Stay tuned…
Plastic Musik Website

The Great Bass Off

You guys have no idea the excitement i have about this Group that all started as a joke between me and the homie Cameron McLaughin ( Next thing i know, my brotha from anotha all the way out in California joined in, Blyss ( We all got a great laugh about it on Facebook, and realized how inspiring it actually was. Next thing we know our friends joined in on the fun.

Now, we have a open group called “The Great Bass Off” which consist of bassist around the world. We are currently close to 160 members. There are so many well known bassist in the group that I am surprised, and thankful for their participation and efforts. I could go on and on about this group of musicians that have gotten together to use Social Networking for a good cause. I love it!!

Just to recap, here are the videos of Cameron and I:

Then it turned into a party, so hilarious!

Whats New?


My life has been drastically changing because of music, everyday! But, i feel that i’m still slacking aka procrastinating in my studies. As always, everybody…every year says the same thing. “This Year Is My Year!”. I guess i’ll say that about 2012, no more slacking and get this music theory behind me so i can move to the next level. I feel it, its there..its coming, ha!

Happy Holidays

Heres a video of tonights Pre Christmas Eve show. Good times!

Upright “Take 2”

with Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl from MTV’s Unplugged. Oh man, i def butchered it…ha! Oh well, still working it out! 

NEVER GIVE UP!!! (i tell myself this daily)

ACTUAL PERFORMANCE ——————————————————-

New Beginnings…

after a good month(which seemed longer, i missed her so much..ha!) of not having my laptop. Its finally back in my hands. This is my official website, i feel an actual website would not do me any justice cause i wouldnt keep it updated. This is my site/blog that I will sporadically post mostly vids and random events that are happening in my life.

Hope you will enjoy the adventure…

In the meantime, check out this vid