The Great Bass Off

You guys have no idea the excitement i have about this Group that all started as a joke between me and the homie Cameron McLaughin ( Next thing i know, my brotha from anotha all the way out in California joined in, Blyss ( We all got a great laugh about it on Facebook, and realized how inspiring it actually was. Next thing we know our friends joined in on the fun.

Now, we have a open group called “The Great Bass Off” which consist of bassist around the world. We are currently close to 160 members. There are so many well known bassist in the group that I am surprised, and thankful for their participation and efforts. I could go on and on about this group of musicians that have gotten together to use Social Networking for a good cause. I love it!!

Just to recap, here are the videos of Cameron and I:

Then it turned into a party, so hilarious!

Whats New?


My life has been drastically changing because of music, everyday! But, i feel that i’m still slacking aka procrastinating in my studies. As always, everybody…every year says the same thing. “This Year Is My Year!”. I guess i’ll say that about 2012, no more slacking and get this music theory behind me so i can move to the next level. I feel it, its there..its coming, ha!

Happy Holidays

Heres a video of tonights Pre Christmas Eve show. Good times!