Keith Bryant…

I must admit, this show was probably one of the most fun shows I’ve played in a looooooooong while. I had my partners in crime next to me helping me along the way. Shout out to Paul Tressell and Sean Deel!

Keith Bryant is an awesome performer, and all around cool guy. He dismissed all my mistakes and smiled whenever he threw a song at me that i didnt know.

I’ve never met this man in my entire life. My bass player is out of town and Brad was happy to step in with no rehearsals. He is doing a fine job, Im really impressed” – Keith Bryant

Go on Itunes and download Keith Bryant’s new single “Cant Tell Somebody(Who To Love)”. I really like the song…easy listening for sure!

Thank you Keith Bryant & Iron Horse for forgiving my mistakes. Hope you guys had as much fun as I did!

Music For The Soul

I havent performed with these guys in a while…i love em all! Roanokes own SoulHop Band called “Duality”

Range Da Messenga: Twitter- @Rangedamessenga

Monte Gill: Twitter- @MonteSings

Keith Thomas:Keys

Brandon Brown:Drums